Helping Businesses globally to Stand out with design

I am a branding & website designer in the UK, helping businesses from all over the world with their design needs. I started my own design studio to help businesses look as good as the product/service they offer.

Let me help bring your vision to life, I am a designer who truly cares about each and every client, bringing not only my drive and motivation but my expertise and industry knowledge to the table.

I have a bachelors degree in Graphic Communications from Bath Spa University and years of agency experience where I learnt valuable design skills recognised at a high industry standard. I love to create typographic designs, custom rendering typography to create unique and statement logotypes.

Client Love

“Annie has been so patient with me every step of the way, whilst designing me a logo and building a website. She has listened to me whilst helping me when I have been stuck in suggesting ideas. After having a bad experience with a web designer before this felt so amazing to use somebody I trust and know she wanted my site to look and be successful just as much as me. Thank you so much!”

Hannah, Hannah Kelly Hair

“Thank you Annie for creating my new website and branding for me, I absolutely love it. Annie really listened to what I wanted when creating my new branding and website, I found it difficult in the past to get across what look I’m going for but Annie really understood my vision and her communication was brilliant.

Annie is great to work with as nothing is too much for her, she has gone out of her way many times to help me with my requests. I highly recommend Annie’s services to others and am excited to continue working with her.”

Harley, Hushh by Harley

“Annie worked quickly and efficiently to interpret my vision for Babsy’s Bakes and bring it to life. From a few pointers, she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and quickly came up with an eye-catching logo and brand pack. This became the building blocks for the awesome Babsy’s Bakes website, where Annie absolutely smashed it! It’s better than anything I could have imagined.

It has been refreshing to work with someone who values time and communication. Any design feedback or amendment requests were quickly taken on board and the whole process ran smoothly and efficiently. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the response to my website has been fantastic. Thank you Annie!”

Charlotte, Babsy's Bakes

“Annie has proved invaluable in providing me with an excellent website with a very professional look and feel. Her ideas and interpretation of my business have showcased my work brilliantly and I’m so delighted with the new branding which Annie has developed for me specifically.

Annie has made the process so easy for me throughout. Whilst I was initially daunted at where to start age has taken me through step by step and taken away my concerns until I’ve been so happy with the fabulous results.

I can highly recommend Annie for all website and branding needs.”

Hilary, Hilary Designs Gardens

“Annie has provided a professional and efficient service, her work ethic commendable. What initially felt like an overwhelming project to undertake, Annie’s creative input injected inspiration into what could be achieved.

The branding was perfect and the design of the website reflected not only her understanding of the brief that had been given, but the nature of the work which was being marketed. She readily offered her help and support, making the whole process run smoothly. I would highly recommend her work”

Amanda, Amanda Clarke Counselling

“Annie has provided a professional and efficient service, her work ethic commendable. What initially felt like an overwhelming project to undertake, Annie’s creative input injected inspiration into what could be achieved.

The branding was perfect and the design of the website reflected not only her understanding of the brief that had been given, but the nature of the work which was being marketed. She readily offered her help and support, making the whole process run smoothly. I would highly recommend her work”

Grace, Litttle Latte Cafe

“Extremely pleased with my new website!

It took less than 2 weeks from start to finish and was given clear instructions on how to update the site in the future.

Exactly what I wanted in terms of style and design. Would highly recommend. Thanks Annie”

Elizabeth, MINT

“The branding work that Annie has done for me is excellent.

It reflects who I am and the work that I am setting out to do. Her design flair captures the brief I offered really well, and her technical abilities support that, especially for a technical novice like me.

Annie is so lovely and patient to work with too. I do not hesitate to recommend her services and will continue to work with her myself, as things move forward.

Thank you Annie!”

Claire, Claire Collins Coaching
No better feeling than seeing the branding I created in person 🥺🤍 

Am obsessed with the gold foiling and Matt black finish on these from @moo 😮‍💨🖤✨

Treat someone special and get a gift card from @shapeuk_, she’s the best of the best 💅 

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Alicia Dowling Studio Logo variations 🤍✨

I created a completely custom typeface for the logos along with a custom logo mark which has unique and recognisable details. Having unique logo variations for your brand is essential for helping you to stand out. 

Let’s step away from using Canva logo templates which have been used by countless businesses who now all look the same and instead invest in bespoke branding specifically designed to attract your target audience and drive results. 

It’s so important to have more than one logo variation, having a variety is essentials for a high quality brand as it allows you to chose the right logo for various spaces and platforms. 

Want to get your dream branding? ✨ enquire via my website form to get the ball rolling 🤍 

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Client love 🤍  from @shapeuk_ 

“Annie is the best person I could have ever gotten to do my branding and website!

Annie started the process of our project by having an in depth discussion with me about what I wanted and honestly I had no clue. I didn’t give her much to work with but yet somehow she knew exactly what I was talking about.

Annie’s so thorough with every stage of the branding process. She sent mood boards to ensure that both her and my vision aligned which was super helpful.

She sent the first proof of branding, I gave her some feedback and she really listened to the changes that I wanted and the second proof came back perfectly.

Not only did she create logos, she created perfect templates to use on my socials and redesigned my online masterclass making it super easy to read and much less boring to look at! She has kept everything so professional and consistent. I am terrible when it comes to social templates so this has helped immensely!

It’s honestly as if she was in my brain. I’m not very good at explaining or knowing what I want, so for her to have made my branding so perfectly is a pure talent.

My website is honestly the best I’ve ever seen. She has thought of every possible thing and included it all. I now have a stunning website that reflects my brand beautifully and is super easy to navigate. Annie has made my website the perfect resource for clients to use when I am out of office. I am now confident in sending my clients to my website for any information they need.

My brand has never felt so beautiful and professional and it’s all thanks to her true talent and skill.

If you are thinking about investing in anything for your business, invest in your branding, INVEST IN ANNIE!



Brb crying, this review and project has brought me soooo much joy 🥺🤍 I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity and am sooo happy with the results. I love my job 🥺🤍 

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Gift voucher design for @shapeuk_ 🤍💅 designed in Adobe Illustrator and mocked up in @adobe photoshop! 

It’s all about the little details 🥰 having consistent branding in person and online is vital for building a strong brand presence and for building connections

Timeless branding to last your business a lifetime ✨ 

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A few close ups of the new website for @shapeuk_ ✨💅🤍

A responsive bespoke website designed specifically to help guide her audience to where they need to go. 

The booking system is easily accessible whilst the tagged carousels help showcase the various levels of nail art and the quality of work. 

The website has a section for other nail technicians to register their interest for the anticipated master class that Shape Studio Academy is launching soon! 

Along with an easy to navigate FAQ page to help users with any queries they have ✨

This has been such a fun website to bring to life, being able to apply the new branding and see if all in action brings me so much joy 🤍 

Checkout the new website at:

Bookings for August are open! Enquire via my website form to get booked in ✨

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WEBSITE REVEAL!!! 👀 The new website for @shapeuk_ is now LIVE!!! ✨💅

I am sooo excited to share with you all the brand new website for Shape Studio, an experienced nail technician specialising in builder gel. Shape Studio is known for its high quality service and attention to detail.

The stars really aligned for this project ✨ 

Thank you Alisha for being such a positive and hard working client, you never fail to amaze me 🤍

Check it out at:

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Logo variations for Cosmetica Aesthetics! Ft a little embossed effect✨

Logo mark - a unique and identifiable symbol made by combining the letters C&A to create a seamless icon that has consistent typographic detailing to the other logo variations.

Primary logo - using the brand logo mark and logotype paired to create a well balanced and statement logo.

Secondary logo - using the elements from the primary logo combined in an alternative layout to provide for variety when using in various sized spaces. 

Logotype - a simplified logo variation using the brands typographic logo, a great alternative for social content.

Within this branding I also included a variety of icons and stamps to be used across social media.

It’s soooo important that your brand has more than one logo variation, because not every logo will work in all spaces or platforms and you need a consistent set that you can apply throughout all customer touch-points. Being consistent and having a strong recognisable brand identity, builds trust with your audience. 

Your branding is the first chance you get to make an impression, so let’s stop using Canva logos/templates and let’s start investing in a cohesive brand identity that is designed specifically to attract your target audience and resonate with them. 

Want beautiful branding too? Enquire via my website form to get the ball rolling! 🤍 

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The mockup vs real life 🤍 seeing the branding I designed in use for @_blackflamecandleco is the most surreal feeling ✨

This project was such a special project, my first international client all the way from Washington! The branding has been applied to various packaging, printed assets, labels, boxes and more. 

Krystal is so talented and I’m so pleased I got to be apart of her brands journey 🥰 

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Photoforrester’s website homepage design 🤍

I have over 6 year of experience building websites, using skills I learnt from my previous roles in website design to build high quality, professional websites! 👩‍💻

I offer e-commerce website design, allowing businesses to have a thriving online store that is easy to manage. Designed to be responsive across various screen sizes and browsers. 

Having a strong website is vital for building trust, providing information and boosting sales. 

I offer a £100 discount when purchased with any branding pack ✨ So you can easily get your brand visuals that align across all customer touchpoints from branded assets to social media to your website

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A little close up at the branding presentation I use to send over the first proof designs to my clients! This is such a helpful way to present designs but also explain the design choices behind each decision.

I love seeing it all together 🤍 

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