Below are recommended platforms and tools to use when setting up your own website!

Siteground is an amazing website hosting platform, here you can purchase your domain & receive helpful support when needed. Set up emails easily and manage your WordPress website with ease!

Adobe Creative Cloud – Designers

Adobe Creative Cloud is an amazing suite of apps that allow designers to make a variety of finished designs from branding, illustrations, website wireframes, packaging, photo editing and more!

Canva is a great tool that is easy to use. Creating & managing templates for social media & promotional material. The variety of templates & design assets available makes it a great choice. I recommend Canva to all my clients.

Notion – Digital Planner & Tracker

Notion is an online digital planner and tracker that has changed my business. Allowing me to manage client projects, weekly tasks, daily tasks, content creation and more. Being online means I can access notion anywhere